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credit_card_tipWhen using credit, first create a budget. Use a credit card for planned expenses like groceries and pay the charges off five days before the monthly bill is due.

When possible set up reoccurring automatic payments online for the amounts you have budgeted and charged on the card. The top two, Visa and MasterCard are not the only brands of cards available to consumers.

Franchised businesses and department stores offer their own specific branded card available for use only at store locations. This helps in that the cardholder may not use the card everywhere else.

Prepaid debit cards can be an alternative to traditional credit cards when managing and controlling your spending. With prepaid cards you load money on to the account and only spend the money you have. You’re not “borrowing” every time you spend with a prepaid card. Parents can control what their chidren spend.

There are fees that come with obtaining and using prepaid cards. The fees vary with each card, but it is important you educate yourself on all fees that accompany prepaid debit card usage. If you’re seeking one, shop around and compare the many prepaid cards before signing up for one.

Hassle Free Student Credit Or Face The Debt Sentence

Student credit cards are issued by various banks to students as an introduction to building credit. These are very easy to be approved for because the banks issuing the cards are looking for the very basic credentials. There’s no previous credit required, making it possible for virtually every student to begin building their credit score.

Some of the main benefits to student cards are that it will allow students to buy what they need and pay the amount off in a slower amount of time. There are some very low APRs given out to students as well as some other incentives that can be advantageous, including cash back and discounts at merchants. Many times there are no annual fees and limits are set low to avoid a student getting too far into credit card debt.

There are several banks offering credit cards to college students. Not all of the cards have great deals that will help a student. Some of the pitfalls to avoid are taking on a credit card that has a high APR or an annual fee. Annual fees are a way to throw away money.

Cards are out there that don’t charge annual fees, so it’s important for students to compare options.

Many sites exist that will do the comparisons for a student. This way a student will be able to see the APR, the annual fee as well as other features of the card. By doing some research on the details of the card, it will be easy to avoid some of the worst credit card offers. Introductory APRs are the biggest thing to be on the lookout for.

Student and regular credit cards are virtually the same in many ways. The main differences are student cards have smaller lines of credit and are easier to apply for if you have a co-signer.

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